Creative learning  is the title of this project. (acronym: Clear).
It aims to become a useful tool for all those involved in the educational process and provide material for significant experiments at school.CLEAR addresses mainly to teachers and concerns primary education.
It has theoretical and practical character.
It attempts to redefine philosophical and pedagogical concepts such as learning, creativity, imagination, and suggests ways so as the school become a field of creative forces and fertility source for teachers and students.
It aims that the school become a space vivid and attractive so that the teacher and the student, can love and support it. The student could link the knowledge with the pleasure and the teacher could reassess its role in the educational process. The teacher-student relationship can reveal its true meaning and magic power.
The goal is the school community to become a creative interaction field where both individual advancement and collegiality will be promoted  equally.
To hunt these grand objectives, CLEAR suggests as weapons theatrical techniques, technology (multimedia, etc.), game, creativity and arts.
The arts-music, visual arts, Theatre-do not constitute independent fields of knowledge or “supplements” of  education. There are not “lessons”  that can be put roughly in the jam-packed train of program so as  to provide an alibi for an education sterile and mechanistic.
Art can be a driving force to the “vehicle» of treatment, can provide the key to a comprehensive and essential education, can become the missing link between learning and creation.
CLEAR  focuses especially on the relationship between drama (1) and learning.
It is based on the common pedagogical place where  imitation, action, role play are the ways that the child spontaneously chooses to communicate with its environment and learn from it.
Theater, as the meeting place of diverse forms of artistic expression, gives the child the opportunity to explore its inclinations and interests, to unfold its personality.
As an activity, eminently collective, it  favors the socialization of the child making the child an “addict” to  the communication and team spirit.
CLEAR can be an alternative for children with learning difficulties,  who are unable to respond to the traditional teaching methods and as a  result, they placed in the margin of the educational process.
CLEAR and its creators put a great deal:
that drama can work as an effective method of teaching all kind of courses. Maybe not as exclusive method,  but as an option, so that the learning process can become colorful, charming and funny.
CLEAR is one of those ideas that need  the right conditions to thrive. We need the right framework and planning, we need support, logistics and above all, teachers with inspiration broader education and –especially- political will.
Otherwise, it is doomed to be lost in the ocean of good intentions of confusion and babble talking.


 1.    Drama: from a Greek word “δρω” meaning “action”