The Centre of Higher Education in Theatre Studies (http://www.theatrestudies.gr) is a research organization run by a board of recognized professional people in the Arts & Education.

Its point of interest and research concerns the New Technologies and Education and how Art, Artists and their work can benefit them and can benefit from them, especially in their field of work and creation of performances, presentations and works of art upon the stage.

The Centre has realized numerous projects, as a coordinator, during the last 15 years in the frame of  SOCRATES, MINERVA, and Culture that concerned the bridging of the relationship between Art and Education, Art and Rehabilitation, Art and Tradition. Furthermore it has participated in many other Art/theatre projects as a partner.

The centre specialises also in the education of young people and adults in theatre studies, acting, stage and costume design, fine arts, creative writing and storytelling.

CHETS provides education and training for teachers and pedagogues in arts and theatre with the use of new forms of ICT to enrich traditional teaching and learning practices and conducts research in the history of European popular theatre forms, as marionettes, large-scale puppets, masks and shadow-theatre elements as well as in the history of theatre and costume, including collection of related material. CHETS has significant experience in the relation between arts, theatre and education.  It has directed seminars and lectures in many European countries concerning the Greek theatre, acting in ancient tragedies and the ancient Greek mask (construction & animation).

Furthermore,CHETS has participated in various national and European funded projects. In the the projects SCOUT, NEW LIFE MAPS, RUTH BERLAU and VR-THEATRE, COSTUME & TIME. The Centre realized new ideas in the field of theatre and education.