Fondazione AIDA (Italian Association for Artistic Diffusion) is recognized by Italian Ministry of Culture and Education. It was established in Verona in 1983 by a group of theatre artists with the aim of promoting children’s theatre; in 1996 it became a private foundation. Aida While children’s theatre still remains one of its core activities, the scope of the Aida Foundation has, over the years, inevitably expanded, and now it includes a wide range of activities that promotes every aspect of culture through important national and international projects. Amongst them there are:  production of social-cultural events and exhibitions; promotion and management of projects co-funded by the European Union cultural programmes; production of theatre performances and workshops. In every single aspect of its work, Aida Foundation has been committed to its civic function and values, especially by addressing and raising public’s awareness concerning the most important matters in our society, as well as preserving and promoting historical and cultural heritage.

Fondazione Aida, from more than 30 years, realize performances and workshops for teachers and students. Every year we do more than 200 shows for children in Veneto, Lombardia and Trentino, regions where we manage venues.

The conviction that theatre can offer new ideas and new teaching strategies to the school teaching model and can have positive effects on the personal sphere of the student.

Our staff works with the aim to teach teachers the theatrical language, but also to use the theatre as pedagogical instrument able to transmit new knowledge. This theatrical method permit to make the student be the protagonist of what he/she learns and give him/her a greater self-awareness and confidence in his/her possibilities and educational and vocational potentials.