IFALL – Integration För Alla is founded 2013 in south of Sweden in Örkelljunga and there are IFALL now in Ängelholm and Klippan too. We have been working with organizations such as Church of Sweden, Save the Children, Red Cross, municipalities in order to enlarge our network and experiences. There are 25 active volunteers, 3 staff and 15 weekly activities to work with integration in south of Sweden.

The main objective of the organization is to promote integration between cultures and counteract violence between cultures in Sweden and in another countries. With culture we mean Individual.  In this way we would like state that we are not only working with integration of refugees/minorities/immigrants but also we are working with integration of cultures in different level.

The organization fulfills the main objective through:

– giving help to self-help so that the individual’s understanding of her/his own culture and self-esteem amplifies.

– providing multi-cultural meeting places where the exchange of experiences, values and cultures promote individual’s life quality

– building social network between different cultures

– encouraging the individual to take responsibility in society

– developing and practicing effective and creative approaches/methods for integration, both formal and non-formal.

– spreading information in order to increase awareness of the meaning of culture and different cultures.

IFALL works with integration in different levels. Our target group is young and adult with fewer opportunities such as refugees, asylum seekers, immigrants, elderly people etc.. They often face a lot of barriers in terms of accessing education, employment and future trainings. Sometimes these people need supporting and advice about what they want to achieve and then what is feasible considering their social status within the country therefore we offer non-formal learning methods to improve their competences in areas such as film making, sport, music and creative drama so their horizons are opened in different careers and integration into society is achieved.

  1. a) Ground Level; We have several activity groups such as language cafes, homework support, film evenings, sport days, IFALL football team, women and girls group, and international evenings. These activities are weekly or monthly and our volunteers are planning and organizing. Target group often is immigrant background people/refugees and local Swedish people.
  1. b) Intellectual Level; We are applying for adult education and youth projects in local and international levels. Erasmus + and Nordplus are main funds that we are working with. In this level youth and adult volunteers became more experienced with projects especially about sharing best practices between project partners. This is a kind of platform for our volunteers that they can prepare activities for ground level.
  1. c) Informative Level; We prepare seminars, conferences, panels and handbooks for local people, social worker, teacher, volunteers who can follow new information about integration and cultures.

Nonformal education and methods are applied for these levels of activity. Creative Drama and Film making are some of methods which I-FALL uses in trainings.