CLEAR will be dissminate in local and European level. Leader of the activity: Action Synergy.

The main target group of the project is school teachers interested to introduce new methods (through the use of drama) in order to make elementary school lessons more attractive. This target group will be the main target of the dissemination activities of the project not only in local or national level but in European level including also countries that do not participate in the consortium.

The final (indirect) beneficiaries of the project are the elementary school children that, through the project, will be able to enjoy a more attractive school environment that will help the development of their creativity and the improvement of their school performance.

Besides this main target group, the project results are going to be disseminated also to the following target groups: Schools, Local school, authorities, Parents Associations, Theatre organizations, Teacher trainers, Teachers Associations, Ministry of Education.

European level:

European school networks (such as e-twinning). European teachers associations (such as ATEE, SEETA, ATEN)

All the partners are going to disseminate the project results and outcomes in their countries but also beyond their countries through their contacts, through networks in which they are participating etc. The dissemination activities are going to be both centralized and decentralized.