Learning is the complex psycho-physical function of familiarisation and assimilation of knowledge.

Learning is considered one of the greatest means of education. It deals with man’s internal world, his development and maturity as well as his environment. Learning is an active process that aims at the familiarisation of the new experience, on which the whole of man’s activity is structured as he reacts to various situations. Learning is not only the acquisition or the familiarisation of particular knowledge but also the acquisition of skills -physical and mental-, interests and the establishment of a principles system. Learning aims at the steady change of man’s behaviour. Learning is a result of personal and interpersonal  efforts.

Learning is a very complex psycho-physical function of familiarisation of knowledge and skills, which is put in function by the effect of internal and external factors. Because the learning process activates all the nexus of the structural-functional characteristics of the man’s personality it a) requires a methodology in which all the personality’s dimensions (physical, emotional, intellectual) will be equally involved and b) it means differentiations in all the relevant levels of man’s behaviour (physical, biological, emotional and intellectual.