E-Learning Course based on the CLEAR methodology. Leader of the Activity: Action Synergy.

E-Learning Course which is going to be based on the methodology and will have as an aim to extend the impact of the project to school teachers that are not able to attend the face to face training courses from the partner countries but also beyond the partner countries. It will include training material on the basis of the methodology, videos, photos, interactive exercises, assignments etc in order to be able to develop adequately the skills of the teachers that are going to attend the course. It will be available through an e-learning platform and access will be granted through a username and a password. The e-learning platform will function also on mobile phones and tablets. In order for the project to be cost effective, there is not going to be developed a new e-learning platform but an existing one (belonging to ACTION) is going to be adapted in order to fit the needs of the target group. The interface of the platform as well as the training content is going to be available in English and all the partner languages. It is expected that the e-learning course will be attended by 20 teachers in each partner country and by 50 teachers beyond the partner countries (150 teachers totally).

The tasks required for the preparation and organization of the e-learning course are going to be divided into 5 different categories: Adaptation of the infrastructure needed to organize the course, development of the training material, testing of the material and the platform, organization of the course, piloting test of the method in classroom.