Survival Monitoring /Shelter/

3rd Grade .
MISCELLANEOUS: Home Lifestyle and Technique (Bulgarian educational system)



Materials for the lesson

  1. Rucksack

  2. Compass

  3. Binoculars

  4. Multifunctional pocket knife

  5. Small folded tent

  6. Portable medical set (e.g. like the one in cars)

  7. Seconds-counter (usually every smartphone has it)

All the things are pointed in the school book of the subject.

Layout of the classroom

The classroom is empty. Desks and chairs aside.

Phase 1

The teacher and kids put desks and tables aside.

Phase 2

He/she explains to pupils what basically is needed to survive in a forest – rucksack, compass, binoculars, multifunctional pocket knife, small folded tent, portable medical set (things pointed in the school book).  The objects are shown and everybody can touch them.

Teacher explains that also suitable warm clothes and shoes and needs as well as some packed and/or canned food.

Phase 3

Competition game.

The teacher divides pupils in the groups of 4 or 5. Every group should have a name like: ‘Soldiers’, ‘Scauts’, ‘Lions’, ‘Woolves’ etc.

Every group competes who will unfold the tent quicker than others. The teacher measures the time of every groups.

At the end he/she announces winners of the game.

Phase 4

Pupils put the classroom back to normal order.