Social Groups
5th Grade Social and Political behavior:
(Greek educational system)

dbd8f03e2e5fe4027aef9aed22234cce Materials for the lesson

Papers, pencils, scissors, cartons, glue, staples, pictures.
The teacher  can asks the children to bring for the next day pictures that show : animals. Sport events or people, actors, singers or important personalities, social or political  situations as well as clippings of criss-crosses, zodiacs, cartoons, announcements.

Layout of the classroom

We separate the desks so as to form 4 squares which we name with labels : Sports, Social-political, Artistic-aesthetic, General editing-press room. The pictures are displayed for all to see.

1st Phase

The teachers explains to the children that today they will make a news-paper that will be distributed to all of Greece. He/she asks the children to decide which subject they will write about in the paper.

2nd Phase

After the teacher listens to what the children have chosen , they pick out a picture and go to the according section. So, some children are sports editors, other are social reporters and others are artistic reporters.

3d Phase

The teacher asks the children to comment on the pictures they have chosen and write their comments on a piece of paper. So, each of the 3 sections discuss the subjects of each one and co-operates to decide which is more important to be first-story. Then they glue the Central theme on a news-paper size paper and add all the other stories they think will make complete the 3 sections of the news-paper. When they finish all 3 sections move to the Editing, Press-room section and put together the whole news-paper, adding all else that is needed…zodiacs, criss-crosses … When they are done the children staple the news-paper and hang it at the News-paper Stand (blackboard) to sell it.


4th Phase

The classroom returns to its formal structure and the teacher talks to the children about groups, small or large about their common things or how groups act and co-operate for a common cause