Safe Behavior on the Street

1th Grade .
MISCELLANEOUS: The World Arround (Bulgarian educational system)




Materials for the lesson

  1. Paper sticky tape

  2. 3 male hats

  3. 3 female handbags

  4. 2 sets of traffic light colours – red, yellow, green

  5. Several toy-wheels

  6. A sign on cartoon – CINEMA


Layout of the classroom

The classroom should be prepared as a long street with a pedestrian walk

Phase 1

The teacher explains the rule of the game. Group of 3 friends go to cinema and should cross a busy street with cars on a pedestrian walk with a traffic light.

The pupils prepare the room, put desks and chairs aside, and with help of the teacher make a street with paper sticky tape on the floor, as long as possible due to the classroom dimensions. In the middle they make a pedestrian walk.

Phase 2

The teacher appoints 3 pupils as ‘’friends who go to cinema’’- boys put a hat, girls take a handbag. 2 pupils are appointed to be ‘’cars’’ – one of each side of the pedestrian walk, they take a wheel each pretending to drive. The teacher himself/herself will be the ‘’traffic light’’. The rest of pupils are on the side of the teacher, they hold the sign CINEMA.

The task is that the group should come from end of the street and stops at pedestrian walk. They should cross the street when the traffic light shows green only. At the same time from both sides of the street there are two cars. Cars also should stop or cross the pedestrian walk depending on traffic light.

The teacher controls the situation with the two sets of lights – one for pedestrians and one for cars. The observing group (holding CINEMA sign) can also give hints to traffic participants.

The game repeats as many times as teacher decides with pupils changing places. Important thing to emphasize every time on rules:

1.pedestrians should walk always along the street on sidewalk,

2.pedestrians should cross the street only at pedestrian walk

3. both pedestrians and cars should stop when traffic light is red or yellow

4.both pedestrians and cars should go only when traffic light is green

Phase 3

Same game is played but now without traffic light.

Its important to emphasize that:

1.every time pedestrians should stop before stepping on the road and first turn left, then turn right in order to make sure there are no cars coming should stop in front of pedestrian walk when there are people crossing or waiting to cross.

Phase 4

Pupils help the teacher to put the classroom back to the normal order.