5th Grade .
MISCELLANEOUS: Home Lifestyle, Technique and Economy (Bulgarian educational system)




Materials for the lesson

  1. None


Layout of the classroom

The classroom is in its normal outlook.

Phase 1

The teacher explains what does a profession means and why it is important to have one in order to realize yourself as a personality, to make the living and to contribute to development of the society and the nation.

Phase 2

The teacher leads short conversation with each of the pupils asking him/her what he/she wants to become as an adult, which profession he/she thinks would be good for him/her etc.

Phase 3


The teacher divides pupils into 2 groups according to their sitting place. Each one of the group secretly says a profession to someone from the other group and that person should explain to his/her group with no words in front of classboard what this profession is. His/her group must guess which is the profession.

Phase 4

The teacher gives homework to everyone to write an essay ‘Whom I do want to become and why’?