4th Grade.
MISCELLANEOUS: Music (Bulgarian educational system)




Materials for the lesson

  1. Laptop, videoprojector and screen

  2. Few ballet wads

  3. Video of ‘Swan Lake’

  4. CD with music of ‘Swan lake’ or direct play from internet in youtube.



Layout of the classroom

In first part the classroom is in its normal shape. In the second part the classroom is arranged as an audience hall with chairs and a stage area.

Phase 1

The teacher explains what is the art of ballet is with brief history of it.









Phase 2

The teacher plays a video of a part of ‘Swan Lake’ by Tchaikovski, incl. famous scene of Dance of Swans.

Phase 3

A ballet game.

The class arranges the room as an audience hall with a stage area.

The teacher asks 4 girls to put a ballet pad and to try imitating the ballet players on Dance of Swan scene. Some boys are asked to play trees around the Swan Lake. At the same time the video with same scene is played on video:

This repeats several times with different group of pupils.

The aim is to understand that the ballet is a very difficult genre, and also to have some fun which would provoke their interest toward the art of ballet further on.






Pupils help the teacher to put the classroom back to the normal order.