Folklore from Different parts of the World

6th Grade .
MISCELLANEOUS: Music (Bulgarian educational system)




Materials for the lesson

  1. 20 samples of various folklore music on different language from different part of the world on CD or laptop with loudspeaker

  2. Two glass bowls

  3. 20 small balls of red colour and 20 small balls of blue colour.


Layout of the classroom

The classroom is in its normal outlook.

Phase 1

The teacher divides the class into two groups – girls against boys. They change places and sit at both sides of the classroom. Every group should guess the played music and say where does it come from.

Phase 2

Every group appoints one girl and one boy as  their speakers. Each group should guess where the music comes from. The speaker is the person to collect the opinion of the group and to decide which answer to get. Speakers change after every played music.

For every right answer the teacher puts one blue ball in the bowl of boy’s team or one red ball in the bowl of the girls team. If the answer is wrong, the question goes to the other team and they have a chance to increase their score.

Phase 3

The teacher plays 20 different samples of music – 1 minute max. per piece.  Groups guess where the music comes from. The order of groups guessing is said by the teacher.

Winner is the team with most balls in their bowl.

Phase 4

Example of various characteristic world folklore music

India, China, Russia, Ireland, Austria (Tirol), Greece, USA (native Americans music), Romania, Turkey, Hungary, Spain, Mexico, Poland, Sweden, Australia (native Australian music), Central African music, Iran, Georgia, Mongolia, Japan

Others can be chosen by the teacher as well.