Abstract art

5th Grade .
MISCELLANEOUS: Fine arts (Bulgarian educational system)




Materials for the lesson

1.     Pieces of parts from a puzzle which represents Pablo Picasso’s Girl with Mandoline (actual size 100.3 x 73.6 cm )

  1. Videoprojector, screen, laptop, CD player.
  2. Samples of abstract music on CD (or laptop with loadspeaker).


Layout of the classroom

The classroom should be empty with desks and chairs put aside to free the middle part of the room.

Phase 1

The teacher explains what abstract art is and says brief history of abstract fine arts. Using videoprojector he could show some examples of famous abstract artists and art pieces.










Phase 2

He shows to pupils the cubistic painting by Picasso – Girl with Mandolin.


The photo of the painting remains on the screen till end of the lesson.

The pupils put aside desks and chairs. The teacher divides them into 4 or 5 groups and give each group part of the puzzle pieces (these piece could be prepared by the teacher in actual size of the painting or he could ask for footprint on a cardboard and then cut the pieces to create a puzzle).


Phase 3

The groups start to put the puzzle on the floor in order said by the teacher – one piece at a time, until the puzzle is done. If needed pieces are missing from a certain group, they can borrow them from the others.

During that game, the teacher plays samples of abstract music.








Pupils help the teacher to put the classroom back to the normal order.