Images and Colours

3rd Grade .
MISCELLANEOUS: Fine arts (Bulgarian educational system)


Materials for the lesson

  1. 6 big white thick drawing papers for painting (100/70 cm)

  2. Paints and brushes (brought by pupils)

  3. A big rainbow picture

  4. CD player and CD with classic music (or a laptop with a speaker)

Layout of the classroom

In the classroom there are 6 desks left, rest of desks and chairs are put aside.

Phase 1

In the beginning the teacher explains the concept of cold and warm colours showing the rainbow picture.

The teacher and kids put desks and tables aside. 6 desks are left and they are arranged not close to each other.

Phase 2

The teacher divides the class into 6 groups – 3 groups will draw a common picture alltogether ‘Winter village’ using cold colours only (green, blue etc), the other 3 groups will draw picture ‘Summer Seaside’ using warm colours only (red, violet etc).

Black and white are allowed to be used by all groups.

Every groups chooses a name of a famous painter (e.g. Da Vinci, Monet, Kandinski etc).

Every group works around one of the 6 desks in the space.

The teacher gives each group one piece of the big white drawing paper.

Phase 3

Each group draws a picture. The teacher makes sure all pupils contribute to their group’s painting.

The teacher plays some classic music on CD player or laptop of his/her choice during this phase.

At the end the 3 ‘cold’ pictures are put in front of the classboard. Every group presents its painting explaining what it represents. The ‘warm’ groups choose who is the winner among them, and vice versa.

The pictures can stay on the wall of the classroom for several days.

Phase 4

The teacher and pupils put the classroom back to normal order.